One of my favorite ways to add interest in my patches is through the use of probability and randomness. This is why I made this mini sample-and-hold module with built in probability gates control inspired by Mutable Branches.

A newly built MiniSNH v1.0


The core sample-and-hold section is based on Moritz Klein’s Youtube tutorial. I added a built-in white noise generator and probability controls based on an opamp comparator.

Schematics for MiniSNH v1.1. Click for bigger image.


My PCBs in this series were sponsored by PCBWay – a great option for prototyping. Use their Quick-order PCB tool to get an instant quotation on the files.

PCB shops use Gerber files for etching copper traces, printing labels, drilling holes, and other manufacturing steps. You can download my zipped Gerber files for a version you like and upload those into their website.

This build comes in two boards. You can order those separately and with different materials. For my build, I used aluminum for the front panel and FR4 for the main board.

NOTE: Links for the PCB files will be added after they are confirmed to work.


1.0. Initial version

This first version does not work without major tweaking. I recommend you wait for v1.1.

  1. No mounting holes
  2. Holes for jacks too small
  3. Swapped negative and postiive power pins of U5 and U6
  4. Gate in for comparator was wired the wrong way (always high)


Let me know if you’ve built it. Tag me on Instagram @benjiaomodular. I also have a couple of demos there!