I needed a new mixer because my old 12-channel one wouldn’t fit in my live rig so I decided to finally add one to the MiniSynth series. This one’s roughly based on Doepfer’s mixer example. All passive components and ICs are SMT.

The MiniMix as the output of my live rig


MiniMix v1.1 - Schematics.png. Click for a larger image.


My PCBs in this series were sponsored by PCBWay – a great option for prototyping. Use their Quick-order PCB tool to get an instant quotation on the files.

The MiniMix PCBs

PCB shops use Gerber files for etching copper traces, printing labels, drilling holes, and other manufacturing steps. You can download my zipped Gerber files for a version you like and upload those into their website.

This build comes in two boards: Front and Main.


1.0. Initial version

This version works great, but with a few minor mistakes.

Gerber FilesMiniMix v1.0 -
MiniMix v1.0 -
Interactive BOMMiniMix v1.0
(UNVERIFIED) 1.1. Initial fixes

Fixed the issues found in the first version.

Gerber FilesMiniMix v1.1 -
MiniMix v1.1 -
Interactive BOMMiniMix v1.1


I might build bigger, stereo one with more channels in the future. I’m still contemplating if I should do one with an integrated VCA.

Let me know if you’ve built it. Tag me on Instagram @benjiaomodular. I also have a couple of demos there!