This is a busboard for Eurorack synths but with a modification for my own builds.

A fully assembled EuroPowerBoard v2

I use 4-pin JST connectors to power my deadbug builds because I find them easier to wire up without a perfboard or PCB to support a socket. I would solder wires directly to my circuit and then crimp a header to the other ends.

My VU-meter module built in deadbug style

To accommodate modules built using this method, I added a row of JST headers to each breadboard. I still keep the 16-pin IDC headers for my more standard Eurorack modules.

3-pin JST connector on my VU-meter module

This project has gone through a couple of major iterations already: (1) JST-only, (2) IDC-only, and finally (3) JST and IDC.


My PCBs in this series were sponsored by PCBWay – a great option for prototyping. Use their Quick-order PCB tool to get an instant quotation on the files.

PCB shops use Gerber files for etching copper traces, printing labels, drilling holes, and other manufacturing steps. You can download my zipped Gerber files for a version you like and upload those into their website.


v2.0 - Complete revamp

Now supports both 4-pin JST and 16-pin IDC connectors

Gerber FilesEuroPowerBoard
BOMEuroPowerBoard iBOM
v1.0 - Original Eurorack-only version

Supports 10-pin IDC connectors

Gerber FilesEuroPowerBoard
BOMEuroPowerBoard iBOM


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