I based this module on HAGIWO’s clock divider module.

It can be used with a clock source to making drum patterns. It can also be used with audio-rate signals to produce sub-octaves. Just make sure that the mixer you’re going into is AC-coupled and buffered.

The Clock Divider prototype

I built this one as a point-to-point circuit.


Watch a demo of this on my Youtube channel!


This is a very simple circuit. For my build, I didn’t include the Reset jack to save some space on the panel. If you do that, make sure to connect pin 11 of the CD4040 to ground.

Clock Divider Schematic. Click for larger image.

Front Panel

I used my EuroPanelMaker module to make the front panel for this. You can find the OpenSCAD file for it in the examples section.

The Clock Divider front panel in OpenSCAD


I might add a couple more features before I make an open-source PCB for this. Maybe buffers for the output as well as an internal clock mode. What do you think I should add?

Let me know if you’ve built it. Tag me on Instagram @benjiaomodular. I also have a couple of demos there!