NOTE: A PCB version of this build is already available as MiniVerb v1.1.

Electrosmith just sent me a couple of their stuff to try out. This includes a couple of Daisy Seeds – which is their basic barebones DSP platform.

Daisyverb perfboard prototype

The Daisy can produce decent sounds out of the box, but it does need some circuitry around it in order to work well with my other synth modules. This build was pretty much just me learning how to work with Daisy. Thus, the stripped down features.

My sketch of the DaisyVerb front panel


I based this design on the Daisy Patch schematics.

The input and output sections are neccessary to match the audio levels of Eurorack modular synths which are typically 10Vpp. Most Daisy Seed GPIO pins can only take 3.3V.

The MiniVerb v1.1 Schematic. Click for larger image.


My next step for this project would be to design a PCB – probably with CV inputs.

Let me know if you’ve built it. Tag me on Instagram @benjiaomodular. I also have a couple of demos there!