White Noise Generator


This is a simple module for generating white noise at configurable levels. Turning the level knob all the way down will produce white noise at around the +/-2.5V range. Turning level all the way up will produce approximately +/-5V.

WhiteNoise Perfboard Prototype

The offset knob can be used to add a voltage offset and shift the output from +/-2.5V to 0-5V. I particularly use this if I need noise input for my Arduino modules – which couldn’t play well with negative voltages.

It is originally based on Moritz Klein’s noise tutorial on Youtube.


White Noise Schematics


This is it for now! You can probably add filters to shift the quality of the noise to pink or blue. Moritz covered how to do that in his tutorial but I don’t have much free time to try things out at the moment. Good luck!

Another shot of the White NoisePerfboard Prototype

Let me know if you’ve built it. Tag me on Instagram @benjiaomodular.