This is a simple low frequency oscillator with triangle and square wave outputs. It is based on the LFO from Electroshmash’s Boss CE2 schematics.


I run this on +12V and GND, but it should also work with a +9V power supply.

My version has a toggle to switch between two capacitor values for C1. This controls cycle time/rate range. Higher values will result to longer cycle times.


CE2 LFO Schematics


Here’s a 12-minute demo on my Youtube channel. Please do subscribe if you liked it!


There are a couple of things that can be improved with this design. First is that the sweep of the output does not totally go to zero. Some people might also prefer an LFO sweep from -10V to +10V instead of 0 to +10V that this one produces.

In the schematics I used a DPDT On-On switch because it’s the one that I had in stock. An SPDT switch will probably be enough.

Let me know if you’ve built it. Tag me on Instagram @benjiaomodular.