100 Kinds DSP Effects module

I panel mounted a cheap “100 Kinds DSP Effects” module from an online shopping site. Here’s a couple of fun sounds I got out of it. The other effects were mostly just slightly modified versions of the ones in the demo. I think it’s pretty cool!

This post was inspired by HAGIWO’s earlier video using a similar module.

I found similar items on an online shopping site here in the Philippines and decided to try them out myself.

This was the one I bought and was able to panel mount it. It didn’t have wet-dry mix controls so I had to build a circuit around it. I bought this one as it does have the wet-dry controls but I haven’t tried ‘em out myself yet.

The effects unit’s output also produces some distortion when input is too hot. I typically use an attenuator (potentiometer set up as a passive voltage divider) to tame down the input level a bit.

Here’s my demo:


I built this circuit around the effects unit to solve two things: (1) I wanted the output volume to be loud enough for my modular synth setup, and (2) I wanted wet-dry controls.

This project is also on Github.

Let me know if you built it! Tag me on IG @benjiaomodular.